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Would you like to broadcast your classroom... Live?
All you need is a webcam and this FREE site.

It is similar to YouTube, except you can specify our school.  Those videos will then be associated with your school.  You can join as a Teacher, as a Student, or as a School Organizer.

Look at the Databases, eBooks and Websites.  You will need your Library Card.

Discovery Education



New Discovery Education Teaching Tools

Teacher Tube
This is a little like You Tube, but for teachers.  Extra materials can also be uploaded.

Google Stuff
This is a building site.  Lots of good stuff now, but there is more being added all of the time.
This is a knowledge database (similar to a wikipedia type site)
Search Scholarly documents and articles
Search through real books.
Like U.S. Government Search, Public Search, Microsoft Search, etc.

(More Coming soon...)

Social Studies | Math | Language Arts | Science | Bible